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By Frank W. Strauch

Owen WilsonSome stupid Christian fundamentalists from that bastion of reactionary ideology known as SoCal have created a crappy YouTube video.  It features some guy who looks like an even dorkier version of Owen Wilson supposedly playing the role of the historical figure Muhammad, who is therein portrayed with a bunch of negative personality characteristics that Christians have attributed to the man since the time when the Byzantine Empire still existed.  Move along, nothing to see here.

In response, throngs of idiots in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen have attacked local American embassies, even killing the U.S. ambassador in the case of Libya.  One will wonder: Why?  The reason is because they, like the people who created the crappy YouTube video, are religious.

Innocence of Muslims This is not Khadija or Aisha or anyone like that. This is an amateur actress from Southern California in front of a green screen…

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