Definitions: Political Ideology

Far Right / Ultra-Conservative / Fascist: “Shut the Hell up, go back to work, and be thankful for whatever we see fit to pay you and indeed for having any kind of job at all.”†

Center Right / Moderate-Conservative / Liberal: “We’ll negotiate terms of decent pay, benefits and working conditions, but your ass better get to work afterward.”

Left / Radical / Communist‡: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

† quote from an article by Paul Street

‡ As you will come to see if you continue to follow this blog, we don’t really break down categories of the Left into “center, moderate or far”; a philosophy is either Left, or not Left. Examples of overlapping philosophies of the Left are: Socialism, Communism and Anarchism. Also, “Left” may be substituted with “Radical,” from a Latin word that means root; to be a Radical is to get to the bottom, root cause of a problem.

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