The Role of the Nominally Left in the U.S.

To begin with, I’d like to state quite clearly as I feel it necessary to do again and again, that there really is no Left in the U.S. at this time. Go to the Glossary section of this blog to read the definition I give of the Left. What passes for a Left in this country is fully tied in to the establishment. It’s job is to provide an outlet for venting frustration with the system by criticizing and protesting against it, but essentially doing nothing constructive to fundamentally change it. The “Left” leaders carefully herd dissent into safe avenues that they can control such as electioneering, petitions, legislation, litigation and even recall referendums. Eventually some small reforms may materialize, but nothing that will go nearly far enough to dismantle unjust systems of power and privilege.

To give an example, consider the following slogan heard from an anonymous Left leader at a rally in Wisconsin recently: “Put down those posters and pick up those clipboards.” Apparently there is a campaign to recall Gov. Walker of Wisconsin for his attacks on public-sector workers. As the quote above illustrates, the job for Democratic politicians and bought-out union bosses is to make sure the workers go back to work; they will do all in their power to discourage and prevent a General Strike, which is just what is needed. The Left establishment understands very well that this type of direct action could be powerfully effective, much more so than gathering signatures to remove Gov. Walker so he can just be replaced by a Democrat who will essentially do the same thing. The only difference is that a Democrat will likely be willing to compromise a little, whereas the Republicans compromise not at all. The truth of the situation is that workers should not compromise or give one inch; their backs are already against the wall!

One more telling example of the way in which the Democrats (remember, not a true Left, but only nominally Left charlatans) screw over the working class is by appealing to the legislative process, procedures and formalities of political conduct – things that have to be done just the right way by the experts who are our so-called representatives. I give below an excerpt of a speech given at the Wisconsin legislature by Rep. Roys after the Republicans quickly, sneakily and illegally slammed through the anti-worker legislation there about two months ago:

“It appears that illegal action was taken. Action started happening before the time that we were even scheduled to be in this body. We had members that were asking to be recognized; they were not recognized. This morning, that happened again. That is outrageous, and it is not worthy of us. It’s not worthy of any one of you. For some of you over there, your hearts are breaking, too, because you don’t want to do business this way. None of us wants to see this institution and this state take that direction. This is the United States of America. We will disagree passionately. We will raise our voices. We will protest. We will be peaceful. But by God, by God, we will give each other a basic level of respect and human dignity when we disagree. You can win on this, but do not win this way. Do not win this way. I beg of you, reconsider. You will win the vote. Strike the previous action. Let’s do this the right way. You can still do the wrong thing, but please, please, look in your hearts. Let’s do it the right way. Thank you.”

Yep, she really said that. You can still do the wrong thing, just do it the right way. When you cheat to get your way we will be peaceful and passive and just bitch and moan and stand on principle. Let’s follow procedure, which is more important than the substance of our disagreement. Do the wrong thing, but for the love of god, just do it the right way. Readers, I hope I do not have to elaborate any more on the embarrassing ridiculousness and insanity of those remarks. Never forget, politicians, like business leaders, even labor leaders unfortunately at the present time, are nothing more than professional liars and charlatans. We need real, genuine leaders who unequivocally stand for the working class; and we need an educated, empowered rank-and-file that can recognize the difference between an opportunist charlatan and the real McCoy.

I’d like to close with a final quote, said by a friend of mine:

“When you see a smiling politician on television, you need to say to yourself – ‘That guy is trying to kill me.'”

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