Consumer Council: Tip #38

As part of our fight to achieve liberation from wage slavery, we must build the foundations for the new Socialist society within the shell of the present system. We need to grow the industrial labor movement, form and patronize worker cooperatives/collectives (and consumer collectives) and create our own alternative currencies or forms of exchange such as barter, gifting or time banking. We need to drop off of the capitalist radar and have our own parallel polity and economy fully functioning alongside, and in opposition to, the current capitalist society. We must have our own infrastructure. Parecon or Participatory Economics is a great model to implement toward this end. The mainstream society is built for the bourgeoisie; we have to build a society that works for us – and be able to defend it against attack. Click the links within this text, learn more. . . and get to work!

A note of warning: These institutions must be run by and for Proletarians; as you begin to look around you will not find very many truly Proletarian organizations like these out there. Most will have a facade of radical egalitarianism, but in reality are liberal bourgeois organizations that are hierarchically run (there are still managers and bosses who must be obeyed) and do NOT share our goals of total economic, political and social liberation for the Working Class. Sorry, it’s not going to be that easy. We’re going to have to build our own organizations from scratch, OR infiltrate and subvert the liberal organizations to make them truly emancipatory. We tried to pick some decent links to give you ideas of what is out there and the possibilities, but the only sources that we feel completely confident about are the IWW (industrial unionism), Parecon, and possibly the Bay Area Workers Cooperative (collectives); however, always use your best judgement. These organizations are not immune to infiltration by middle class thrill-seekers who are angry with their parents, or government agents for that matter.

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