Your Masters Need You to Hate This Man!

Eduardo Sencion (Nevada IHOP Killer)

You may have heard about the man who stormed into an IHOP in Carson City, Nevada and killed some national guardsmen. The mainstream, capitalist media desperately want you to hate this man or at the very least write him off as insane so that his actions will have no consequence. He must be seen as EVIL or INSANE. His violent act is SENSELESS, whereas the violence perpetrated by the soldiers who “served” in Afghanistan not only makes perfect sense, but is the very epitome of self-sacrifice, courage and righteousness in a legitimate holy war, as it were. You are supposed to hate Eduardo Sencion, and love and mourn the soldiers. We’d sooner react emotionally to this event in the opposite manner. Don’t let yourself be manipulated! Don’t even pay attention to capitalist, bourgeois media at all!

Remember, violence is seldom, if ever, senseless. There is a reason behind it, whether or not you agree. We can’t be sure at this point what Eduardo Sencion’s motive was, if we’ll ever know, but there is the distinct possibility that he was deliberately targeting u.s. soldiers. Why would anyone do that? You know the answer to that question, Proles!!

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