Mini-Manifesto: #6

The current debate over “entitlements” is beyond absurd. This word, “entitlement”, was carefully chosen because its contemporary usage implies some reward or benefit that is not necessarily owed or deserved. Government programs such as social security, medicare and medicaid are not “handouts”; rather, they should be viewed as earned benefits because that is just what they are. They are paid for from payroll taxes.

Another thing, apparently most people don’t seem to understand that the rich and powerful who own this country and the government that they bought and paid for, don’t give us anything without a fight – without being compelled out of fear in an attempt to buy us off. Programs like social security and medicare came as part of the New Deal, which was won by long and bitter struggle. Look to the margins of this blog to see an example of the literal fighting that had to take place to demand and secure some of these human rights we have today. Nothing is ever given by those in power; they never voluntarily cede any power or advantage to their class enemies – Us. If they had their way there would still be chattel slavery and child labor. We are now seeing a time where all these hard-won rights are under vicious attack.

The ruling class senses that the Proles are becoming uppity and restless. They are pulling out all the stops to crush this burgeoning rebellion. In a way, this is a good sign. It is good, not bad, that our enemy should fight us, said Chairman Mao. It shows that they’re afraid. Let’s make their worst nightmares come true. Organize at the workplace. Organize in the community. Forge alliances with other Radical and Working Class groups. We need an International organization. We must unite against our common foe! Agitate, Educate, Organize, Resist, Rebel, Fight!!

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