A Gentle as Possible Critique of the Occupy Movement’s Fetish Insistence on “Non-Violence”


We support the Occupy Movement and this day of action. We do have one criticism, though. Couldn’t they have just said “Mass Direct Action!” and left out the mention of non-violence? First of all, we can assure you that there will be some violence at this event, mostly coming from the police, as usual; but do we have to scream from the rooftops that we’re a bunch of pussies? The vast majority of people will probably show up without a premeditated desire to pick a fight with the cops, but when you hit the streets in an unpermitted march what the fuck do you think is likely to happen? Has it escaped anyone’s notice that we live in a police state? By the way, they don’t play that shit in Europe and other parts of the world. In fact, if you click on the international links in the Occupy Wall Street “call to action” posted below you will find NO mention of nonviolence, or violence at all for that matter. So, what’s so different here in the u.s.? That’s a long story for another time, but the point is, like our international comrades – why not just leave it out altogether?!

Incidentally, how are they (OWS organizers) going to ensure or enforce non-violence? They can’t or won’t try to constrain the police, but if you get out of line they sure as hell will turn you over to the cops to be abused by them. They might even use force – yes, violence – by grabbing hold of you and manhandling you over into police custody. At least, that’s what happened at the “Battle of Seattle” anti-WTO protests of 1999. As the esteemed anarchist Ericco Malatesta (a pacifist himself for the most part) once said, a peaceful resolution to a conflict can only take place when both sides desire peace. Do you think the cops really desire peace? They are authoritarian, conservative bootlickers. The more you talk about peace and nonviolence, the more they want to kick your ass!

Another way to look at this situation is to heed the words of Dr. Dre who said quite simply, “If you fuck with me, it’s a must that I fuck with you.” By all means, go out to the protests solely with the intention to make your voice heard and to make a show of strength of this growing movement. If not now, eventually (maybe sooner than you think) there will come a time to fight. There never was or shall be a revolution “without incident”.

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1 Response to A Gentle as Possible Critique of the Occupy Movement’s Fetish Insistence on “Non-Violence”

  1. selectingstones says:

    Agreed, absolutely. It’s best just not to mention it.
    Nice Dre quote, too.

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