Thoughts on Pearl Harbor, Patriotism and the Role of the Media

Have you noticed how sappy memorials and remembrances have multiplied tremendously over the years? Apparently, yesterday was the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Due to the proliferation of telescreens (televisions) in every imaginable public space, one of our number saw a TV news headline that said, “Americans remember Pearl Harbor on this day.” Really?

That’s Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii, where the United States seized control in a blatant act of imperialism in the 19th century. Once conquered, Hawaii became sacred U.S. soil. The hypocrisy is astounding but no less than expected from the ruling 1% of this country. Of course, you know that the media is owned by the 1% and is their mouthpiece spewing stupid lies and goofy distractions. Once you understand that, the blinders come off and then you can see just how ridiculous and fake the media is. They want us all to believe that we’re all one big happy family with mommy and daddy at the top telling us all what to do, feel, and think. We’re expected to do all the crappy chores of the household and for our reward we get only the crumbs from their sumptuous feasts. If we dare, like Oliver Twist, to ask for more, we get a spanking and are sent to our rooms.

Patriotism is a lie! This country belongs to the rich. We are not “all in this together” so long as the few enjoy lavish riches, power and freedom while the rest of us must be their slaves! There is no pride in being an American. This country was founded on slavery, genocide and exploitation. Toss any remaining patriotism you may feel in the trash today. Once and for all, forget about this abstract notion of being an “American”. Enough is enough.

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