Mini-Manifesto: #8

We Need A Belligerently Left-Wing Version of Fox News

What the Left in this country needs more than ever is an unapologetically biased, belligerent, Left-Wing media. We need blunt, straight-talking journalists, TV reporters and analysts. They should take a hostile stand against the status quo, capitalism and the right-wing. They should not, like liberal academics, dispassionately and snobbishly explain how Sean Hannity is confused or “gets it wrong”. Our news reporters and commentators should give it back to the mainstream media, especially the far-right Fox News, in Prolish language and with Prolish ideas. Call the bastards out for what they are. Don’t say Sean Hannity’s got it wrong, say he’s a lying piece of shit and then explain how and why. Say what you want about them, but at Fox News they know how to talk to Proles. This is something we’ve tried to do at the Prole Center.

If only we could get our own TV news program – purely Left-Wing Socialist news! If you want to hear the other side of things, then tune in to that bullshit coming from the mainstream media. If you want to hear what your masters don’t want you to hear, then give us a try. That could be the basic mission statement. Perhaps we could afford to do this if the labor unions quit throwing away millions to corrupt, bourgeois politicians; and instead of subscribing to several different party newspapers and Leftist magazines, all these resources could be consolidated into ONE Left-Media-Complex. Each party, union or other political organization among the Left could have its own section of the media allocated to it, but hopefully there would be general agreement on the most urgent topics and issues to present. Something like this is desperately needed. Can it be done?

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2 Responses to Mini-Manifesto: #8

  1. selectingstones says:

    A comrade of ours from Peru once advised, “If Lenin were alive today, he wouldn’t mess with a newspaper, he’d get a TV channel.” Not that we’re against reading, but it’s true.
    There are countless practical impediments, the most obvious of which is the fact that Comcast and Verizon (to say nothing of the FCC) are controlled by the bourgeoisie as a class. Then, of course, there’s the money issue. The proletariat has no Qatari oil prince on its side, and therefore no Al-Jazeera of its own.
    If you’ve got any ideas for making this happen, you can obviously count CPOK and Selecting Stones in.
    The last thing we want to do is to sound discouraging or to say that this proposal sounds utopian. It’s nothing of the sort!
    What about starting with a YouTube channel?

  2. Prole Center says:

    Thanks for the support. The YouTube idea sounds good. We don’t have much technical expertise here in that regard, but whatever individuals or groups that do, we’d definitely encourage them to go for it. Even using the local access cable channel would be a great idea. There should be created a nationally syndicated Leftist news program that could then be broadcast by multiple groups across the country on their own local cable access channel.

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