Consumer Council: Tip #75

Use the self-checkout station at the grocery store if that option is available. Buy fresh, local, and organic as much as possible. If the choice comes between buying organic fruits, vegetables or meat from some far-flung locale versus conventional local food, go with the local. Also, be sure not to get confused when checking out non-barcoded items such as produce. For instance, don’t accidentally pay more for conventional by entering it in as organic. Got it? Good. Eat well.

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8 Responses to Consumer Council: Tip #75

  1. Good advice. But if you use the self-checkout, you’re supporting machines over the people (proles).

  2. Prole Center says:

    This is an objection that comes up quite a bit. In 18th century England, textile workers who previously had worked in their homes weaving fabric on small manual looms, were suddenly being forced to work in large factories. These large, industrial looms could be operated by fewer workers and the output was immensely greater and cheaper to produce (that is to say, more efficient) than the previous cottage industry system. Many were thrown out of work and those who did have work were subjected to miserable conditions. The workers became angry and began smashing the machines, but the machines weren’t the problem.

    Instead of smashing machines, they should have been smashing bourgeois skulls. They should have been organizing and fighting the right enemy and not trying to cling to the past, whatever its merits may have been. It was a lost cause. Also, at the risk of seeming heartless, oftentimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

  3. selectingstones says:

    Nice. We’ve got a comrade here who ALWAYS uses the self-checkout lane, and he’s taught us several different techniques for eating VERY well, even on a budget…

    We’d also like to recommend, for items that are barcoded, stocking up on several identical items at the same time. It’s for the sake of convenience…

  4. synap says:

    Right…try harder.

  5. V. Lyn says:

    I wanted to tell you I like the way your writing refklects how passionate you are and so I nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award.

  6. Prole Center says:

    Okay, here is another way to look at it. I was having lunch with my uncle, who fancies himself a liberal. Since in the u.s. food is served up in gigantic quantities, I couldn’t finish my lunch. I asked for a box to take my leftovers home. Some restaurants are beginning to use paper boxes, but at this particular place I was brought a styrofoam one (still the norm). I complained to my uncle about it, explaining how toxic styrofoam is and how it never breaks down – a terrible human health and environmental hazard; not to mention waste. I told him I was going to start bringing my own container for leftovers to restaurants. My uncle replied, quite seriously, “But what about the guys who are employed making styrofoam boxes? If everyone did likewise, they’d all be out of a job.” I could only stare at him, agape, in be-fucking-wilderment. It was a goofy thing to say and didn’t deserve a reply.

    – J.D.

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