Political Activism: Tip #2


Some disparagingly refer to this as slacktivism, but we feel it has an important role to play in influencing public opinion; corporations, political parties and the military engage in this behavior and refer to it as PSYOPS, astroturing, or simply “public relations.” Making comments to articles online is just like writing a letter to the editor (which you should also be doing). People will read it and you never know who might be affected by it. You can practice and hone your rhetorical skills by debating with others online.

Make comments and rate books and films. You could click the links on our Books (Fiction or Nonfiction) pages that will in many cases take you to amazon.com; there you can give favorable reviews and 5 stars to these fine works. Follow the links in our Film section and you will be taken to the imdb.com website where you can do the same. You will need to set up a free account to do this, though. Give our Prole Center approved films 5 star ratings. If you use the increasingly popular Netflix streaming service (in North America, at least), you can do the same there.

You can also do this on the flip side, for instance, by giving a 1 star rating to horrible American propaganda films like Act of Valor. Give reactionary media bad reviews and ratings.

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