Boycott the 2012 Election: Carson’s Corner Interviews Terri Lee

We here at Carson’s Corner in conjunction with Underground Progressive, 530 AM, have waited a long time to have online activist Terri Lee on the program. Followed and admired by thousands, Terri Lee has come to the forefront of progressives who are fed up with Obama and the Democrats. We see the two political parties as essentially indistinguishable; and we are not afraid to go against the establishment to ensure a better America.

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13 Responses to Boycott the 2012 Election: Carson’s Corner Interviews Terri Lee

  1. Hey! Not feeling so well but wanted you to know I listened to this! Bravo!

  2. shared…back to bed…but I will be back 😉

  3. oops tried to listen, must not be taped yet, have to do it tomorrow….sorry keep replying f’ed up

  4. Terri Lee says:

    Revolutionaries boycott election in Egypt!,,15977120,00.html

  5. saw that….try to share…good!

  6. Terri Lee says:

    RALPH NADER at 13:00: “Obama doesn’t have to worry about the tens of millions of peope who call themselves ‘progressives’ or ‘liberals’ because they have signaled to him that they’ve got no where else to go ..they DO have a place to go: THEY CAN STAY HOME”​watch?v=bWupFxpU1yQ&feature=pla​yer_embedded#!

  7. Terri Lee says:


    Where there is reason to believe that an election will not be conducted fairly or where there is refusal to recognize the authority of the régime conducting the election, an opposition movement may refuse to put up candidates and may urge people to refuse to vote. The aim of such a boycott is usually to protest the use of the election to deceive people as to the degree of democracy present; or it may be an attempt to prevent the “real” issue or issues, as seen by the resistance group, from being overshadowed by “lesser” issues. Sometimes election boycotts have also been attempted by minority groups seeking to deprive the elected government of legitimacy and thereby making it more vulnerable to later attack by various means, including guerrilla warfare.

    Anarchist election boycott – Poland, 2010
    When the Jacobins sought in 1793 to calm political discontent by submitting to a plebiscite a constitution which declared that after the emergency Frenchmen could once again choose their form of government, three out of four citizens abstained from voting.[29] Later the electors acted similarly: “The result of the illegalities of fructidor made the election of 1798 almost farcical. Practically all the moderates abstained from voting. What was the use of voting if the Directors refused to accept the results of the elections?”[30]

    Following the Russian Tsar’s manifesto of 1905, which contained very limited steps toward greater local autonomy for Finland, the Finnish Social Democrats returned to their earlier minimum demand for a Constituent Assembly and boycotted the elections to the new Diet.[31] Socialist Revolutionaries meeting in Russia in January 1906 told their followers to boycott the elections to the Duma, though most of them voted anyway.[32]

    Another example is that of the Puerto Rican Nationalists, who for many years boycotted elections because they refuse to recognize the United States government’s right to control the island and to operate the election machinery.[33]

    For the rest of the article:

  8. terrilee says:


    “Workers and progressives may finally realize that change happens through collective action, not electoral politics…” – Truthout

  9. Dear Terri,
    Thank You For Your Wisdom!
    I am a Lover of Real, Planetwide local/regional/global democracy and an ecofeminist, and I agree with you that boycotting the so-called election, and any acceptance of its processes, is absolutely necessary! In fact, I think the case should be made that, in retrospect, all the so-called elections since 2000 were invalid, unacceptable pseudoelections, and not waking up and recognizing this NOW is imminently dangerous not only to this national region, but the whole world. Truth and Reconciliation are urgently needed with the people in this region of the world and the world watching, especially regarding media’s role in selling these debacles, and the false wealth paradigms that are sold with them. I heard your interview on Carson’s Corners. Do you have an email address where I can correspond with you for coordination on this? Please contact me asap!!!!!
    Rajchelle OneFamily

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