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Good article. We agree with about 98% of it. There is good advice and points made, but where we respectfully disagree is that Marxism-Leninism has literally ALL the answers. We respect Maoist, plain ‘ol Marxist and Anarchist thinkers as well. It is highly unlikely, in our opinion, that one sect within Socialism contains all truth and is beyond any criticism. Let us reason together and cease partisan bickering.

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Discipline is one of the most important lessons for any person to learn, regardless of the work that is set before them. While the individual may at times be tempted to take the easy route in life, to do the minimum while expecting the maximum, rationality dictates that this is the wrong way to proceed for the achievement of important ends. To the revolutionary, discipline is vital for the continuation of revolutionary work. To be a revolutionary is to sacrifice, to continually expend one’s energies for the fulfillment of revolutionary goals, to adapt oneself to the needs of the revolution and the work set before them. Without a sense of discipline, the revolutionary can easily be thrown from this course, can shift from doing revolutionary work to doing no work or even to doing counterrevolutionary work.

Now, this is not to say that the revolutionary is not allowed to have…

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