Selecting Stones

By Rick Skull

There were some misunderstandings that resulted from my previous article on the failings of the liberal understanding of McCarthyism and the Cold War.  This forum was even mistaken for being a source of conservative commentary.  Perhaps the appearance of Ron Paul and the Tea Party as frequently mentioned subjects may have led to the impression that we were in the business of peddling elephants.  It isn’t so.

Am I therefore arguing that McCarthyism was justifiable?  I am reiterating that, from the perspective of Capital, it was.  Justifying it is different from condoning it, or approving of it.  The point of the previous piece was to emphasize that far from presenting an Orwellian (and for once, this term is being employed in a wholly appropriate sense) image of humans functioning as machines crushed under the heel of an merciless state, the USSR presented a technologically advanced, sophisticated, and…

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