Selecting Stones

By Lupus

With the tremendous flop of Occupy’s promised May Day General Strike, and the rancorous denunciations by libertarian Occupiers of the labor-backed “99% Spring” non-violence trainings over the last couple of months, even the most ardent Occupiers are beginning to admit they need a change of strategy, calling for a new “meme” to continue New York’s OWS movement which promised much, but has produced little.  The outcome of the Chicago protests have energized some, while causing others to question the trend of some more extremist elements escalating towards more aggressive radicalization.  Disturbing reports of some former Occupiers caught in an FBI sting operation to bomb a commuter bridge in the northeast, and the increasing alignment of others toward the controversial “Black Bloc” have left working-class supporters feeling increasingly alienated.  It has become increasingly clear to this observer that without a proper understanding of the greater struggle at hand and…

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