Crowdfunding Syria’s Rebels




Ever wanted to fund a civil war from your couch–and deduct it from your taxes? Well now you can! You can Paypal money for Syrian rebels to purchase arms through a US based non-profit called Syrian Support Group. Directly funding armed groups who are killing people is often forbidden, as it involves directly funding armed groups who are killing people, but in this case an exception was made.

We’re looking at the first dictator to be toppled through charitable giving… as well as what comes in the aftermath. Brutal treatment of pro-Assad captives has already been documented and Al Qaeda is on the scene lending their always-helpful hand in the matter. Want that on your dime?

Syrian Support Group’s FAQ addresses this by stating they will only give cash for weaponry to “those military councils that have adopted the [Free Syrian Army’s] Proclamation of Principles.” Judging from the way things went down in Libya and every other armed conflict ever I’m thinking there will be some not-so-principled activity going on in this lawless war zone. In fact, I’d put money on it.

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7 Responses to Crowdfunding Syria’s Rebels

  1. warwhores says:

    These days, when I read the news, I feel my mind swirl with the complete disconnect between anything we’ve ever espoused as human beings and what is being committed in Syria. Why wouldn’t it be purely sufficient to provide humanitarian aid to the wounded, food to the starving, and that’s it? Why would that be such a bad thing? “Hey, I don’t know what side of the war you’re on, but I noticed your children are all dehydrated so here’s some water.”
    We’re humans and humans aren’t pro/against Assad. Hell, Assad is a human (though his actions are rather despicable). Why wouldn’t it behoove us, as humans, to stay out of an armed conflagration taking place between two sides whom are equally unwilling to stand-down?

  2. Prole Center says:

    Very good points made. In any violent conflict it can be difficult to identify the “good guys” and even to wonder if any can be found. However, I’m wondering how many times the American citizenry will be tricked into rendering popular support for another war. It’s Iraq all over again. It’s Libya all over again. While Assad is surely no angel, a good rule of thumb (seeing through all the rhetoric/lies) is to be FOR what U.S. elites are against and AGAINST what they are for. Below are links to a couple of good articles on the true nature of the Syrian conflict and how I believe sincere Leftists should view it:

  3. warwhores says:

    I don’t think it’s necessarily Iraq all over again, just as our wars now aren’t Vietnam all over again or the Banana Wars all over again. History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme. I’m also not a sincere anything, except maybe a sincere human being. And I don’t think humans break down into rights and lefts unless you mean dominant hands.

  4. Prole Center says:

    When I said, “Iraq all over again,” what I meant was that Americans will allow themselves to be bamboozled again (by a media onslaught), not that the conflict would play out exactly the same way necessarily.

    In response to your comment about being a sincere human being, I understand there are people who don’t like to label themselves or pick sides. I can respect that to some degree, but let me just say that the way I define the term “Leftist” is pretty broad. It may be that you still don’t quite fit the description, I don’t know, but I consider a Leftist to be someone who believes that humans should be free of all exploitation and domination. A Leftist wants to be neither a master nor a slave. But it’s not enough just to believe these things, but to work individually and collectively to try to make it a reality. Our end goal is a stateless, classless, egalitarian society. That definition doesn’t sound so restricting, does it?

  5. warwhores says:

    I didn’t say I haven’t picked a side. I merely said I was sincere. Truly, when the far right collides with the far left, the far right tends to win historically speaking. Historical precedents set in South Africa, Germany, Spain are ideal examples of this. One could even argue here, in America, the fascists have truly assumed power over the masses and have all but to announce it and hoist a flag though I doubt they would bother with such fanfare. Waving flags and fanfare is much more stereotypically a leftist display. And of course, you’ll cite Cuba and possibly Vietnam or even a number of South American countries. I think you’ll find, under the thin veneer of whatever direction it happens to swing, the rulers really have more in common.

    I am a free man. I owe my allegiance to no other man or woman save whom I chose such allegiance be made. I do not have a master, though there are plenty of armed thugs that would beg to differ, and I most certainly don’t bear slaves. The mere belief that one is free is certainly all one needs to truly be free. The element in which the individual chooses to exercise that freedom, though, eventually reveals their prison (or boundaries, if you choose). The convincing of proles that there is a side that is ever truly benevolently looking out for their interests is a great lie. The greatest lie ever told is a secret and if ever we meet I’ll be sure to tell it to you or perhaps you to me, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    Right now I am inside the belly of the fascist beast and I can tell you with every degree of certainty that if you, for a moment, believe you can affect a momentous gathering of people of like mind to the effect that you believe you can alter the course we are set upon, you are most horribly mistaken.

    Any hope we could ever have of living in a peaceful, egalitarian society will have to be a choice for future generations whom have been generations free of the unseen manacles under which all of us are currently bound. I have devised an escape plan and its not altogether assured but it is genuine. As assured as anything is, I suppose.

    I liked your bit, or someone’s bit, about choosing to not vote as a demonstration of dissatisfaction with the system. There are probably many, similar to you (not like you, because I am positive you are unique), whom desire a change of system. There are even a few whom have scoured their history books and perhaps a few old, used book stores to read of ideas of other men on how best to govern and distribute power.

    There is nothing equal in the universe. Thus the concept of equality is as much a figment of imagination as anything else that violates the basic principles of the universe. Subtracting the esoteric and the metaphysical, we are left with only our limited understanding of how stars move about this system we inhabit and everything from the macro-level to the micro all seem to share mirrored properties. The Law of Entropy governs both man and stars. Aggregation of power or suggestion of power is merely creating a system which requires energy constantly fed into it at an unsustainable rate at which point it must inevitably collapse. Our current system is facing the dark future of this and is tightening its grip to balk at the very simple musical chords which run through us all. It will painstakingly find out the folly of its assumptions but not before it levels an excruciating amount of suffering upon all whom take umbrage under its thin umbrella.

    Truly, a marvelous time to be alive, wouldn’t you say? I’ll always take your reading suggestions as I would that of an acquaintance whom I know not well but I will not wave a flag, attend a meeting, or read a literature list.

  6. Prole Center says:

    Just keep being a free thinker, my friend. Keep sharing your insight and thoughts with others. You’re alright in my book! Let’s at least not go down quietly, or without a fight!

  7. warwhores says:

    We will set our minds in motion. It is anyone’s guess what the outcome will be of that but I am assured that it will not be boring.

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