Our Mission Whether We Choose to Accept It Or Not: Reflections on the 2012 Election Boycott





by Mark E. Smith

In several areas the Election Boycott Movement succeeded in 2012.

We managed to make boycotting elections part of the discussion and an
acceptable option for many who hadn’t considered it before. Turnout was lower
than ’08 in all fifty states. At least 25,000 people have read “You’ve Got To
Stop Voting.”

But we did not succeed in convincing a majority of people that a nation
without due process isn’t a democracy or a republic, or that it wasn’t in
their best interests to consent to four more years of corporate rule, wars,
environmental destruction, cuts to social programs, and crackdowns on civil
liberties. That is our mission for 2016 and if it isn’t impossible, it
certainly won’t be easy.

Just imagine the enthusiasm of Democrats if they have an opportunity to vote
for the nation’s very first female Drone-Bomber-in-Chief! Even though
absolutely nothing would change except for the sex of the drone-bomber,
progressives would consider a female President to be historically
unprecedented progress. And don’t think for a moment that the corporations,
having exhausted the race card, won’t play the sex card in 2016. Many say that
women swung the election for Obama this year, apparently having forgotten the
Clarence Thomas hearings and that all Supreme Court nominations have to be
approved by the Senate. There’s no way that the Senate Republicans will allow
Obama to appoint anyone who is supportive of women’s reproductive rights–any
nominee would either have to openly oppose women’s rights to be confirmed by
the Senate, or would have to have absolutely no public record of ever having
supported women’s rights and swear up and down that they have never thought
about it and never formed an opinion about it. If it was impossible to get
feminists to understand these facts in 2012, how are we going to stop them
from voting for Hillary Clinton or a Hillary equivalent in 2016?

We’ve only got four more short years, if the US survives that long, so let’s
invite as many people as we can to join this list and start brainstorming.

Boycott 2016!

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