Voters Celebrate Israeli Attack on Gaza





by Mark E. Smith

Israel has begun an intense attack on Palestinians living in besieged Gaza,
secure in the knowledge that they have the support of the United States and
the 57% of the US electorate who turned out to grant their consent to more war

Among those who voted to authorize the US government to continue committing
and supporting crimes against humanity in their name, are many Palestinians
living in the United States, proud of their new citizenship and their
democratic right to vote for the destruction of their own people.

Others who did their civic duty to capitalist imperialism by voting their
consent of the governed to continuing US war crimes and support for Israel,
were many Occupy Wall Street and peace activists, including those who voted
third party, knowing that their candidates would not be elected, but too
ignorant to understand that they were being dutifully obedient to and showing
their support for everything they’re protesting.

One of the most outrageous media cover-ups was when the young child of a BBC
staffer was killed in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza and a British newspaper
headlined only that the child was killed, not mentioning that the child was
killed by Israel and hoping that ignorant readers might assume the child was
killed by Islamic terrorists.

Noam Chomsky himself has joined others in condemning the “reprehensible” media
coverage of the Gaza attack
but he was among those who voted for it and encouraged others to vote, despite
his knowing full well, having written about it extensively, exactly the sort
of government he was voting for.

Here are some pictures of what US voters accomplished:

Knowing that the US has been engaged in wars of aggression based on lies and
that most of their tax money goes to funding such atrocities, US voters
flocked to the polls to confirm their faith in government. Some were so
ignorant as to claim that they were casting “protest votes,” although it is
difficult for me to understand how anyone intelligent enough to sign their own
name cannot know that the US has a winner-take-all electoral system and that
all votes are counted as the consent of the governed to be governed by whoever
wins in whatever way they wish.

It isn’t enough to condemn militaristic governments that wage illegal wars
against civilians–we need to also hold those who vote for such governments
accountable. Without their consent and authorization granted when they vote,
such governments would lack the legitimacy of any claim to representing the
will of the people.

“ah, but if you don’t vote, you can’t complain,” whine the political party
operatives when they’re getting out the vote for crimes against humanity. And
I’m sure that Noam Chomsky and others of his ilk will do a lot of complaining.
But what they’re complaining about is what they voted for. Wouldn’t it make
more sense to stop voting for what you don’t want, instead of first voting for
it and then complaining about it? And shouldn’t an intellectual like Chomsky
be able to figure that out?

Source: Fubar and Grill

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