The Gun Debate – Settled . . . (More Insight into the Conservative Mind)

Below is an interesting exchange we found online. This person, Karl, really slams a conservative-type in a brief  sort of gun debate that is really quite revealing of the deeply psychotic mindset of American conservatives. It’s also interesting to notice the very common and idiotic talking points that conservatives are trained to use. For one thing, conservatives engage in projection quite a bit. They constantly accuse others of the character flaws that they themselves are famous for. Another thing we’ve noticed about conservatives is a growing trend toward denying the political nature of any hot-button issue. They will state quite emphatically that so-and-so issue shouldn’t be seen through a political spectrum. “This major issue is something that transcends left or right. This is something all Americans can agree on,” they will say. Of course, the simple truth is that everything is political. – Prole Center


Karl Hungus: Ugh, I’m so sick of gun apologists just assuming all we need to do is ask innocent people to be superheroes: Give a 60 or a 6 year old a handgun, and they’ll just dive through the air pumping bullets into the baddie while doves fly everywhere behind them! This is malarky! The main delusion of pro-gun fetishists is that Chuck Norris and Schwartzeneggar movies are real. You know what REAL men do when a psychopath starts shooting everyone around him? They crap their pants and sob in the fetal position. The drive for survival is WAAAAAAY stronger than the impulse to be an action hero, and in nature, the survival mechanism is to flee and hide if possible, or at least to try and survive the situation by not calling attention to yourself. That’s precisely why police and soldiers receive so much special training and spend many, many, many hours rehearsing the use of force so that they can respond when confronted with violence.

Behind every gun nut, there’s the NRA whispering that his family is about to get murdered by some swarthy criminal who wants to sell his toaster for crack; haven’t you seen those TV shows and action movies? Behind the NRA is a legion of pro-gun lobbyists all paid for by gun manufacturers who want to sell more guns. Why do all of our modern problems always boil down to some rich business asshole’s right to sell his product by any means possible?

stabby_kat: What an opinionated borderline bitchy post. Good luck changing anybody’s mind arguing like that. Not very many gun owners agree with the NRA’s policies, you’re just pathetically stereotyping people and making this into a left/right issue, which it isn’t. Nobody, liberal or conservative [Americans ignorantly equate liberals with the left – P.C.], wants or should want idiots like you armed, or anyone who can’t even use a gun properly because he’s practically brain-dead either for that matter. But in the arms of someone who’s trained for situations like that it can be essential in a matter of life or death, and is UNFORTUNATELY the only way to protect yourself in the event that your feel-good safety net methodology of preventing crime 100% of the time with the power of sunny optimism and a skewed view on reality somehow doesn’t succeed. You clearly want to be right all the time (which you also clearly can’t pull off) more than you want to put the work in to come up with a decent solution to gun related violent crime, so don’t you start preaching to me when you’re one of the most uninformed people on the subject.

Karl Hungus: Awwwww, did I hurt your widdle gun-fetishist feelings? I didn’t say ANYTHING about right versus left. I grew up with guns and shoot just fine. There are a lot of gun owners who aren’t gun-cultists who treat weapons like the solution for every problem and immediately screams, “LIBERALS* ARE PERSECUTING MY GUN LOVE!!” any time someone states a fact that doesn’t come printed on a bumper sticker from the NRA.

I just don’t happen to believe the way you solve a gun problem is by adding more guns. I’m also constantly amused by the gun-fetishists amazingly moronic action movie ideals, which can be summed up like this: “Those weak, idiotic lefties* just got shot by that psycho, if I were there, I would have thrown down some sweet moves and a pithy line or two, and NO ONE would have died because people like me are totally badass!!! Guns don’t kill people, guns kill weaklings who aren’t the spawn of Charlton Heston!!!!”

And I’m not looking to change any minds. You people are pretty much a cult living in a fantasy land where all the ‘truths’ are less than 15 words long, and are dictated by other cultists or by completely amoral lobbyists who know they can count on you delusional idiots to be unable to tell truth from male-revenge-fantasy and be stupid enough to fall for their utter bullshit and buy more guns and ammo that no one needs. We’d need a huge national effort to deprogram all of you to change your minds, and you’d probably start killing everyone else if we tried. So changing minds is right out. We’re stuck with you, and you have to live with everyone* in America who doesn’t think the solution to gun violence is turning our schools into “Kindergarten Cop”.

But I can still point out that at the end of the day, gun nuts are having their base fears and fantasies manipulated in a cynical ploy to sell more guns and ammo in a saturated market. “LOOK OUT! It’s inner-city criminals! No, it’s international socialism! It’s the liberal* gub’mint come to force you to gay marry and burn a flag!” It’s always some American that might just need killing, and the other 7 guns you own just aren’t enough!

The most cynical and transparent ploy is the new one: “You need to buy many guns to protect yourself from other gun owning Americans, it’s the only way!” They’ve stoked their sales by stoking your fears about every other person on the planet, now they are telling you that YOU are out to get you. Face it, you’re a bunch of gullible suckers and easy marks.

(* everyone who doesn’t clean their guns in the nude)

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One Response to The Gun Debate – Settled . . . (More Insight into the Conservative Mind)

  1. kdelphi says:

    Psychosis straight from DSM V…..

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