U.S. Imperialists Put Syria in the Crosshairs


The U.S. ruling class may have miscalculated this time. They have set their sights on Syria, but there is dissension within their ranks and among the public at large. The NATO alliance as well as individual member states and stalwart allies such as the UK have bowed out and U.S. elites stand alone. Now, in an effort to save face, these same elites feel compelled to take military action which could lead to disaster.

The U.S. congress began by being largely against a military strike on Syria, but unsurprisingly we now see that resolve beginning to weaken as those who wish to maintain their posts and further their careers will follow orders to vote for war. Likewise, the U.S. public, if history is any indication, will also begin to shift their views as they come under full-scale assault by the mainstream media which of course is also beholden to the ruling class and will faithfully propagandize the population in favor of war. Hopefully, history will take a turn and the propaganda will fall on deaf ears.

Nevertheless, a great victory has already been achieved by the propaganda machine and that is instilling the “indisputable” belief that the Syrian government used chemical weapons, and used them on innocent civilians. The so-called proof of this has in fact been disputed by UN officials, journalists and President Putin of Russia. It is completely illogical to assume (as the West does so eagerly) that President Assad and the Syrian government would choose to use chemical weapons knowing that doing so would provoke U.S. intervention. And why on earth would they stage an attack at the very moment that they allow UN inspectors to enter the country? It strains credulity to imagine that the Syrian government, which has been gaining ground and is apparently winning its war against foreign Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists, would resort to the use of chemical weapons. Again, this would give the U.S. and the West a clear pretext for open intervention. The Syrian government and military has been successfully prosecuting a war for three years despite covert and then not-so-covert assistance provided by the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies and special forces. The insurgents have been given funding, training, weapons, diplomatic, logistical and intelligence support by the West, and despite all this the legitimate Syrian government has been winning the war using conventional weaponry.

Let’s ask the question: If not the Syrian government, who would then benefit from using chemical weapons? Who might wish to provoke U.S. military intervention in an effort to oust Assad from power and topple the legitimate Syrian government? The answer is abundantly clear. The Al-Qaeda and other jihadist insurgents. It is they who would benefit mightily from such a false flag attack. They, possibly with the help of Western intelligence and/or special forces, are the most logical and likely culprits of any chemical attack. The insurgents have a clear motive. Western elites have a clear motive. If you take a look at a global map you will see how the U.S., with its junior partners of the Western nations and NATO countries has a geostrategic interest in taking out Syria and installing their own puppet regime there. This move will bring them a big step closer to taking out Iran and further encircling Russia and China.

The bottom line is this: the U.S. ruling class is determined to spread the new world order that it announced after the fall of the Soviet Union. This new world order that was announced by George Bush I is nothing more than the absolute dominance of the world by U.S. capitalist elites. Other countries such as Russia and China – powerful competitors to U.S. dominance of the world – must eventually be brought to heel. Any country, such as Syria, that dares to refuse to open up their natural resources, labor, and markets to U.S. and Western investors and corporate titans must be crushed. The Syrian government has had the audacity to declare, and put into practice, a general policy of using Syrian natural resources for the benefit of the Syrian people and denying the exploitation of its citizens for the profit of Western corporations and elite officers, board members and shareholders who own those corporations. If President Assad would have agreed to “market-based reforms” in Syria, then he would have stood to gain a great deal in increased wealth and stability of rule – he could then feel free to deal with his subjects in whatever harsh way he saw fit; instead he chose to side with the people of Syria and therefore must be punished by the Godfather of the world.

People around the world, and perhaps (hopefully) even in the U.S., are increasingly coming to the realization that nations like Syria are not the enemy. The primary enemy of peace and freedom are the warmongering capitalist elites of the U.S.!

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