Jon Stewart Slams Syrian “Red Line”

We are not crazy about Jon Stewart’s brand of humor, or the idea that young Americans can’t be interested in serious world events unless commentary and news are wrapped in jokes, but, at this point, whatever will help destroy the system’s stranglehold on the American mind is welcome. So give it to them, Jon! – (editors of The Greanville Post)

We concur. Also, in answer to Jon Stewart’s question in the video about why the Obama regime and elite opinion feel the U.S. must intervene in Syria now – it’s because the raggedy-ass, fundamentalist, Islamic insurgents there are losing the war against President Assad and the legitimate Syrian government. Apparently, funding and supplying the terrorist rebels with weapons and training is not sufficient to topple the Syrian military. Oh yeah, and once again, the Obama regime is lying about the Syrian government having used chemical weapons. This is the pretext they are using to justify an attack. It makes no sense for Syria to have used chemical weapons. It makes plenty of sense for the rebels, very likely with the assistance of the CIA, to have done so.

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