On “Political Correctness”

The Red Phoenix


Few phrases are as empty as the term “politically correct” and its opposite, “politically incorrect.” Although it is used by people of all political stripes, it is most commonly wielded by the right. Labeling something “politically correct” or “PC” is pejorative, while on the other hand people often declare themselves “politically incorrect” as though it were a badge of honor, or more often than not, a shield with which to deflect criticism over controversial statements or actions.

Right-wing ideologues most often appropriate the term, one of the best examples being the series of books known as Politically Incorrect Guides. These books, which offer right-wing ideology on a number of topics such as American history, science, and Islam, titillate readers by assuring them that they are learning something that “the establishment” doesn’t want them to know. Thus if the reader should encounter any information which contradicts something stated in one…

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One Response to On “Political Correctness”

  1. beetleypete says:

    This is an interesting piece, and a good re-blog. I like the conclusion that comments referred to as ‘politically incorrect’ should just be regarded as what they actually are, offensive remarks.
    Regards from England, Pete.

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