Just Say No to “Black Thursday”

Whatever your feelings are about Thanksgiving, and whether or how leftists should celebrate it, I should think we can all agree that those who boycott Black Friday should also boycott the “Black Thursday” extension of it. This is an easy thing to build a mass, popular campaign around. Perhaps we can have a discussion with our more “traditional,” and conservative fellow citizens without letting ultra-left hysterics get in the way of building a broad coalition that will benefit workers and help build feelings of solidarity.

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3 Responses to Just Say No to “Black Thursday”

  1. beetleypete says:

    We don’t have this celebration here in the UK, but we do have almost unlimited opening hours in larger shops, most of which are just unnecessary. Nobody needs to shop for groceries at 4am, and staff are under pressure to work unsocial hours as a result. So, good luck with your campaign.
    Regards from England, Pete.

  2. Prole Center says:

    Hey, Pete. I appreciate all your comments. Is there any certain day or event in the UK that “kicks off” the holiday shopping season? This “Black Friday” thing we have in the US is truly awful. People will camp out overnight in the freezing cold to line up (queue up, as you might say) to be among the first lucky shoppers to burst through the doors, trampling, punching and kicking their way to get the best deals. People are injured and sometimes killed every year.

  3. beetleypete says:

    I think the closest that we ever get to that is the first day of the New Year Sales, normally after the 26th December. People camp out, and get numbers issued, so that they can be first to buy heavily discounted items. Then, the others just rush the place, and it is a free for all. Never that violent though, too civilised in the UK perhaps, at least when it comes to shopping.
    Regards as always, Pete.

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