Maoism or Anarchism? Criticism from a Maoist

First and foremost let’s begin by recognizing the historical importance of anarchism as a broad political philosophy. While anarchism is fundamentally flawed in many ways most anarchists can be seen as allies in the struggle against monopoly capital. The contradiction between anarchists and communist forces on the ground can be characterized as non-antagonistic, a contradiction primarily among the people. Therefore the following criticism should be understood as a way we might bring anarchists into the scope of Marxism over the course of a wide United Front.

At the risk of overemphasizing anecdotes realize many Maoists including myself began as anarchists or were at least radicalized through some form of anarchist thought. In fact, it was Lenin himself who characterized Marxists as fundamentally anarchists with a real revolutionary politic for change. And while the tradition of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism draws much distinction between modern schools of anarchism it should be noted that both…

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2 Responses to Maoism or Anarchism? Criticism from a Maoist

  1. beetleypete says:

    A lengthy and interesting article, and a good re-blog from you, PC.
    I have commented on the original, and recommend it to others, as worth the visit to that site.
    Regards, Pete.

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