Joseph Stalin in 1902, 23 years of age

By Gaither Stewart

As ruler of the U.S.S.R. from 1929 to 1953, Joseph Stalin was in charge of Soviet policies during the early phase of the Cold War. He adopted the name Stalin, which means “Man of Steel,” while still a young revolutionary.

“I regard class differences as contrary to Justice.” (Albert Einstein in a personal statement of his credo.)

“The Russians have proved that their only aim is really the improvement of the lot of the Russian people.” (Albert Einstein in his 1934 refusal to sign a petition condemning Stalin’s murder of political prisoners.)

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  1. beetleypete says:

    A very thorough article, and a good read. As an old-school Stalinist, I naturally applaud the conclusions. History favours those who live on, and searches for scapegoats for the dilemmas and unresolved issues of the past.
    It is enough to state that the Nazis would never have been defeated without Stalin, and his determination to beat them, at any cost. The world would be a different place without him, whatever his considerable, and often questionable actions.
    We need another such Communist leader today, unafraid to make those difficult decisions.
    Regards from England, Pete.

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