Late Night Marxism – 10 Basic Questions About Marxism

Personally, I don’t completely agree with the answer to the last question about “revisionism.” I think that revisionism has been, and remains, a problem for the international proletarian socialist movement, but I don’t believe there is evidence to show, for example, that the Soviet Union became completely capitalist after Stalin’s death. There were revisionist tendencies, no doubt, within the Khrushchev camp for example, but the USSR remained socialist – flawed certainly – but socialist nonetheless until Gorbachev took power in the mid-80’s. Brezhnev (who had his own flaws) cured some of the revisionist tendencies of the “Khrushchev Thaw” but this tendency remained, unfortunately, among some party members and the intelligentsia until it found its ultimate expression under Gorbachev. – PC

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