Profile of an Ultra Right-Wing “Libertarian”

The following is a comment I found on Alex Jones’ Info Wars website. It provides a good profile of far right-wing American libertarians who at times attempt to present themselves as populists, but are in fact off the charts ultra-conservative psychos. These are the “gun nuts” and the new world order conspiracy theorists. I have outlined in red certain words and phrases that are quite revealing signs of an ultra right-winger. Whenever you encounter two or three, or more, of these themes you will know that you are dealing with a bona fide fascist. The following example is pretty obvious since he or she uses practically all of the far right themes as well as being quite explicit in message. Others won’t be quite this obvious, especially if you are speaking with them face to face. They will probably be much more calm and polite, and use some populist and fairly progressive language, but if you keep them talking long enough these themes, or memes, will start to leak out. Behold the craziness:

“The fbi are the masters of terror domestically, second only to the cia internationally, the Department of Human Sacrifice* are the new kids on the block – but with much more control into every aspect of We, the People‘s lives. Race War is their ultimate goal to get the unstoppable ball rolling for complete takeover. The time grows nigh. Their plans are terror – to wage a war of terror on US soil. Ferguson is the beginning. The evil satanic powers that be will now begin their reign of terror. Prepare accordingly. They are bringing in their black jungle muscle from all over the country. LE* is being used by dhSTASI*, the fbi and doj* to divide and try and conquer. LE, you had better realize just who your enemies are. It sure as heck AINT your fellow citizen. dhSTASI and the child rapists that control DC and the federal agencies are your enemy, they are our enemy – you, LEO’s* are being played and set up, you will be cannon fodder…”

* LE/O = law enforcement/officer; doj = dept. of justice; dept. of human sacrifice/dhSTASI = dept. of homeland security – PC

Here is my quick and dirty analysis of LoneWolf’s message who no doubt considers himself a “libertarian”:

1) Using the phrase “We, the People” – straight from the U.S. constitution. (Conservatives consider this to literally be a sacred document.) Leftists (not fake leftists or liberals) would use terms like, “the people,” “the masses,” “the workers,” or “proletarians.”

2) The writer invokes the supernatural and religion, and not as a metaphor. The ruling elite is generally described as not only evil (which they clearly are), but as “demonic” or “satanic.”

3) Libertarians seem to deny or else are actually truly baffled by the concept of socioeconomic classes and a struggle between classes. In their view, some rich people are good. Of course, there are exceptions that prove the rule, but most rich people in the sense especially of the power elites who sit on corporate boards and in government are bad guys because of their socioeconomic class position; their wealth is the proof of their wickedness. At any rate, wicked or not (as you like), they clearly use their tremendous wealth to dominate and enslave the rest of us. Libertarians have no real problem with this because they are mostly upper middle class and identify with and benefit from class privilege.

4) Libertarians often reveal their racism in things they say; not necessarily overtly racist slurs, but little things here and there, such as codewords, that will reveal their obsession with “differences” between races and their denunciation of things that are “politically correct” – in other words, basic politeness for the most part. The vast majority of libertarians happen to be white and benefit from their white privilege.

5) Right-wing libertarians are obsessed with conspiracy theories that are completely divorced from reality as well as from a class perspective. These conspiracies are based on jingoism or nationalism and even primitive tribalism and, of course, superstition. In these conspiracies the power of the scheming elites is overwhelming and absolute yet they have been working toward total domination for some time and have yet to accomplish it. In reality, the “takeover” happened a long, long time ago, but that doesn’t mean, even though they (the ruling class) are quite powerful, that they can’t be overthrown.

6) Of course, virulent anti-communism is a mainstay of right-wing “populists” or libertarians. The writer rants about “dhSTASI.” Libertarians constantly scream invective against what they call “collectivism.”

7) Conservatives obsess over horrible things and spend an excessive amount of time and energy worrying about child molesters, muggers, burglars, rapists and violent crimes of all types against themselves, their immediate family or their property. They do not AT ALL concern themselves with their conception of a “legitimate” use of massive state terror to subjugate racial minorities and foreigners who “hate us for our freedom.”

8) These folks are hyper-individualists and “survivalists.” The writer above signs his name as “LoneWolf.” This is a term that signifies a terrorist or resistance fighter who fights alone.

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One Response to Profile of an Ultra Right-Wing “Libertarian”

  1. beetleypete says:

    America seems to have cornered the market on well-armed, racist survivalists who see themselves as campaigners against government coercion of the people.Traditional isolationism, the lack of foreign travel, and the sheer size of the USA all lead irrevocably to the creation of these nut-jobs. I suppose that I should consider myself lucky to be living somewhere that these kind of people do not inhabit. Comparing Homeland Security and the FBI to organisations in Communist countries is so far off the mark, it is almost laughable. I say almost, because these people are no joke.
    Regards from England, Pete.

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