Alex Jones is a Useful Idiot


Alex Jones is doing serious damage to any hope for a broad-based populist, progressive movement in the United States. It is my feeling that this guy is what might be called in the intelligence industry, an “unwitting asset” or a “useful idiot.” He is a typical right-wing libertarian, gun-nut, so-called constitutionalist. If I were a CIA case officer or FBI special agent in charge of handling counterintelligence in the U.S. I would definitely encourage someone like this; at a minimum it would be incredibly easy to ensure that he was well funded while hiding the hand that feeds. It may be that he is being “handled” directly by CIA or some other nefarious government or private intelligence agency, but I figure it is at least as likely that he is doing this on his own.

By the way, for those who don’t know, this moron has a radio show with at least two million devoted listeners in the U.S. and has produced far right-wing conspiracy theory films and operates a couple of websites where he disseminates his nonsense.

Part of the problem with this guy is that some of what he says is true (the most effective disinformation will have grains of truth), but he fails to put all the pieces together and he draws the wrong conclusions because he is, or postures as:

  1. A devout pentecostal-type Christian
  2. A deeply conservative individual, i.e., nativist, tribalist, nationalist
  3.  An American patriot
  4.  A thinly-veiled white supremacist

Alex Jones’ purpose seems to be to spread disinformation and to confuse and misdirect rebellious youth away from left-wing ideas, values and a progressive populist movement and instead steer them toward a self-defeating right-wing libertarian, reactionary pseudo-populism.

Sincere leftists cannot turn a blind eye to this guy and simply dismiss him. He’s going after the same demographic that we are – disaffected young people. My experience tells me that once young people, especially young men who seem highly susceptible to this right-wing paranoia, are infected by Jones’ madness it is incredibly difficult to break the spell. Unfortunately, Jones appears to be well-funded through his endorsements of products like water-filtration systems, the sale of DVD’s, t-shirts, etc., and other sources.

We need centralized organization and funding to fight back. If the labor unions in this country could ever be torn away from under the wing of the Democratic party and put that level of organization to work for a real progressive movement, and fund a working class political party instead of bourgeois Democrats, that would surely help.

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2 Responses to Alex Jones is a Useful Idiot

  1. beetleypete says:

    Being English, I don’t know this man. However, I definitely don’t like the sound of him!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. He’ bonkers….yes, you wouln’t believe how many ppl I start talking to, and, seem to be getting somewhere, who say, “Hey, watch this video” or “This guy is spot on”—my heart just sinks

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