Superheroes and Princesses

There is a disturbing trend in the United States that has been going on for some time now. That is for little boys to play at being superheroes (or sometimes pirates) and for little girls to pretend to be princesses. On Halloween night all the freaks will come out and the scariest ones, to me, will not be the ghouls, goblins, ghosts, witches, or vampires, but these goddamn comic book and Disney characters! Sometimes I wonder if I read too much into things, but I really feel that American society is what I like to call a “total system.” I would say totalitarian, but that word has way too many syllables and was invented specifically to demonize communism, so I don’t like it. Anyway, part of the total system involves the indoctrination of the young. When practically every little girl I know or have heard of is planning on dressing up as Elsa from the latest Disney film, I have to figure this is not an accident. This is no coincidence, it is a conspiracy. I also expect to see a dozen or so pint-sized Captain Americas, probably the most popular comic book character these days, followed by Spiderman, Batman and others.

What could be the reason for large corporations, and therefore the ruling class, to push this nonsense? Why are little boys encouraged to identify with and fetishize superheroes, and the same for little girls and princesses? Quite simply, I believe it has to do with perpetuating primitive traditions of gender roles and expectations. Little boys are expected to be macho and aggressive and potentially grow up to be good little soldiers. Jingoism is obviously a big part of this. For little girls, they are supposed to adhere to a twisted ideal of dainty, pampered and consumerist femininity. I feel like there is also a classist element to the whole princess obsession. The bourgeoisie always envied the nobility and just wanted to take their place. All that “liberty, fraternity and equality” talk was just rhetoric to stir up the masses to do their fighting for them. The divine right of kings mentality is what they’re really about. They now want to instill these “values” in children of all social classes. Children must be brought up to know their place and to fill their designated roles.

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One Response to Superheroes and Princesses

  1. beetleypete says:

    Spot-on criticism of the modern corruption of these ancient festivals . I don’t like any of this at all, and I have written about it on my own blog.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

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