CrossTalk: Stupid Wars[?]

Ken O’Keefe pretty much hits the nail on the head, while the other two guys, especially Peter van Buren, talk about how U.S. elites are somehow confused, short-sighted or otherwise making “blunders.” Imperial policy is deliberate, it is no mistake. Of course, U.S. elites can make tactical mistakes; they aren’t demigods who can just snap their fingers and get everything they want. The situation may be a bit more complicated than Mr. O’Keefe seems to maintain. I think the elites plan these imperial campaigns very carefully and consider a range of outcomes from best-case scenario to worst-case and they have a range of tactical options to employ as they respond to the situation as it unfolds. They probably have not only a “Plan B,” but also Plans C, D and E or more. They carefully evaluate the feedback of ongoing operations and figure out when, where and how to shift their focus or even make a temporary, strategic retreat if called for.

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