In Defense of North Korea (Once Again)

Flag of the Workers’ Party of Korea (Ruling Party of North Korea)

I have written this as a brief note to RT News (which I generally consider to be a much better source of news than the mainstream media of the West), specifically the crew who went to North Korea and recently produced a documentary called “10 Days in North Korea.” The documentary was not nearly as brutal as others I’ve seen, but it was still a less than flattering depiction of North Korea. – PC

RT, you were not allowed to go everywhere and talk to everyone you wanted to precisely because you are foreign journalists. Are you surprised by this? The CIA has used journalists quite extensively over the years as spies. Maybe the North Koreans know something you seem not to know (or pretend not to know). North Korea is under massive threat from the West, primarily the U.S. That is an indisputable fact. No sane, intelligent or honest person can deny that who has any understanding of the history of the Korean peninsula.

I realize that to us “free” Westerners North Koreans’ seemingly slavish worship of the “Marshall” (leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un) is quite disconcerting, but when you demonize North Korea like you have just done, especially without fully explaining why the North Korean people and the state behave the way they do, then you are just reinforcing and providing justification for their apparently correct policy of self-sufficiency, militarization, security and ideological and cultural unity. North Korea has survived outside of the capitalist global order precisely because of strong leadership and discipline. Some aspects of North Korean discipline and unity may go to eccentric or excessive lengths from the point of view of those of us in the West who remain comfortably unburdened by the very real threat of foreign subversion or outright attack; one would think that Russians, on the other hand, or at least those who do not look back on the Soviet Union with complete disdain, might be a little more sympathetic to the plight of North Korea.

I admonish you to please keep in mind that time and effort spent criticizing North Korea is time and effort wasted that could have been more productively spent putting the spotlight on the numerous crimes and evil designs of the U.S. Empire – which is very much to blame for North Korea’s (necessary) authoritarianism, isolation and eccentricities.

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