Was the Russian Revolution a success?


While I am in the mood for taking on a few unpopular topics (such as whether the Chinese government is communist), I would like to tackle another one: the success of the Russian Revolution.

After seven decades of unrelenting polemic against the USSR and the communist states of Eastern Europe – they were dictatorships, autocratic, undemocratic, brain-washed their people, callously allowed famines to decimate the people, consigned people to grinding poverty, imprisoned all and sundry and threatened the world with nuclear war – a new phase in the narrative emerged after 1989: communism in Eastern Europe and Russia has failed. The most astounding feature of this narrative is how vast numbers on the Left swallowed this story. All communism did was enable the rapid industrialisation of Russia and the Eastern Europe, they said. Or, that was not ‘true’ communism; or, if only Trotsky had outsmarted Stalin; or, Lenin and…

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One Response to Was the Russian Revolution a success?

  1. beetleypete says:

    Not only was it a success, it had the support of the majority of the population, or they could never have won the Civil War that followed. It also served as an inspiration to every Communist (myself included) from that time on, and remained the only bulwark against the relentless march of industrial Capitalism that would have truly enslaved the whole world.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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