Crowdfunding Campaign: Stand up to Media Empire and Autism

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I’m Anissa Naouai and I want to take a stand against the Corporate U.S. Media Empire and State Department.

The Secretary of State is complaining the American media are losing the battle for international audiences and begging for more money to battle “Enemies” like RT.

Mainstream media who are backed by American corporations have a hold on almost ALL outlets.. I’m talking hundreds of billions of dollars.

Plus 700 million dollars for government media projects under the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Directors.

So Russia Today’s open and modest budget of 220 millions dollars isn’t the real problem for the American government

This is the problem: YOU

Our audience. They see through the propaganda. People both in America and abroad need and want to hear about the trillions spent on Iraq and Afghanistan, about made-up dictators, traitors, and axis of evils. About the civilians killed with U.S. drones and soldiers forgotten. Wars started again and again to uphold a military industrial complex-all to keep a grip on global power.

So if you’re one of those people join me in sending the State Dept and John Kerry a message.

“Money can’t buy ALL the airwaves and RT is NOT the enemy”

Help me send a strong symbolic message and show your support by donating for “Our Sunny World” a partner foundation with Autism Europe

Find Anissa’s work on “In the Now” here:

Watch Anissa stand up to CNN:

Our Sunny World: The fight against Autism

RT Facts and Figures:

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