Oliver Stone’s “JFK”: It’s Not Fiction, It’s A Documentary

JFK (1991) Poster

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I can’t believe I never saw this movie until just now. Any of the younger generations or others who haven’t seen this should definitely watch it right away. Some of the fine details may or may not be fabricated in order to tell the story, but this drama about Jim Garrison’s (New Orleans District Attorney in the 60’s) investigation into the conspiracy by the ultra-right wing of the American ruling class to assassinate JFK and pull off a coup d’état is spot on. Excellent performances by Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Kevin Bacon, John Candy, Donald Sutherland and others! The movie is based on the book, On the Trail of the Assassins, by Jim Garrison himself, as well as a book by Jim Marrs, a much more dubious character, but once again, the basic conclusion of the film is undoubtedly true.

In fact, the very first thorough investigation into the JFK assassination that I know of was conducted by a good communist by the name of Joachim Joesten. His book, Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy, first published overseas in 1964, came to the same basic conclusion: the ultra-right wing, racist, primarily Southern elites had Kennedy killed because they feared that he was soft on communism at the very least, and possibly a closet communist himself. JFK’s back channel talks with Khrushchev, his perceived “failure” to stand up to the communists during the Berlin Crisis, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis and finally, perhaps, his American University speech in 63′ would have sealed the deal for the real, down and dirty cold warriors of the day.

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2 Responses to Oliver Stone’s “JFK”: It’s Not Fiction, It’s A Documentary

  1. beetleypete says:

    I saw this at the cinema when it was released, and felt that Stone had done a fine job of collating all the various theories into a plausible conclusion. One of the great American films, in my opinion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Prole Center says:

    I really enjoyed the closing argument at the end during the courtroom scene. I just get slightly annoyed when loads and loads of evidence are presented to prove that the “American experiment” was a scam from the very beginning, but that never seems to be the conclusion that is drawn; rather, you get emotional pleas about a “once great nation” that the average citizens just need to “take back”. Of course, the simple truth is that you can’t take back what was never yours.

    The next step beyond recognizing that the United States was born as a fledgling empire in the making and was always a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, is to acknowledge the possibility that the ultimate enemy of the American ruling class, and its polar opposite, the communists, just may have been right all along and their ideas now deserve consideration.

    Of course, that’s unrealistic and asking way too much of a Hollywood movie.

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