Americans are against bullying?

One of the more recent feel-good campaigns in the U.S. has been the fight against bullying, primarily that which takes place at school. Bullying is a big problem, but as the RT video below points out, it is a problem that cannot be solved due to the prevailing American “culture” of elitism and militarism. What the video doesn’t make explicit, is that bullying is a problem of class dominance. Capitalism and reaction are the disease and bullying is merely a symptom of that disease. Studies have shown, if you really needed empirical evidence, that the working class are the primary victims of bullying in these societies stratified by class, i.e., capitalist societies.

Proletarian youth are bullied by their bourgeois “betters” and even by fellow proles, but it’s also well to point out that bullying isn’t just something that happens during adolescence; it is all too common for bullying to take place both before, and especially after adolescence – in the workplace, and in the society at large. However, this would not be obvious to anyone who visited the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website, Here, the closest reference I could find to any possible class-related cause to bullying was a brief mention of “not being able to afford what other kids consider to be ‘cool'”. Race, religion, gayness, and kids with disabilities were singled out as the primary “risk factors” that may lead to bullying. Under a section called Considerations for Specific Groups there are listed: LGBT Youth and Youth With Special Needs. Class is not mentioned, just as you might expect in the shitty U.S.A.


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