Google Cultural Institute: Misdirection Propaganda and Controlling the Narrative

“70 years on. Remembering the end of World War II”

If you visit Google today,  the above message is what you will see below the search bar. This link will take you to the Google Cultural Institute, another bullshit propaganda organ of U.S. elites. This is an attempt to misdirect people away from Victory Day and also to control the narrative, or the American version of the history of World War II. The propaganda specialists at the CIA and other affiliated institutions felt that it was too dangerous to do nothing and allow the Russians to promote their Victory Day unopposed. And so they set up this little message with a link to a Google Cultural Institute [sic] webpage containing vignettes of WW2 artifacts, photos and memorabilia. It dances on the surface of things, as American propaganda generally does in this regard, giving a very superficial accounting of what happened without providing any context or explaining how or why. There is some Russian stuff toward the tail end of the list of exhibits, but again, it’s from the American point of view – no mention of Victory Day (VE Day in the UK, but not Victory Day) or of the Great Patriotic War and the fact that the Red Army practically defeated the Nazis all on their own and were responsible for destroying about 90% of the Wehrmacht, the Nazi army.

These guys are so successful because they leave nothing to chance. American society is what I call a total system (kind of like totalitarian, but easier to say); it’s very carefully managed and they are always on the job making sure that Americans, and others, continue to think and feel the way they want them to.

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2 Responses to Google Cultural Institute: Misdirection Propaganda and Controlling the Narrative

  1. beetleypete says:

    Not much mention of the Russians during the ‘celebrations’ over here either. Mostly about G.I. Joes with chewing gum and nylon stockings for the ladies, dancing the Jitterbug.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Prole Center says:

    Very sad indeed.

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