NYT Propaganda Claims “Russians Lost the War”!

Propaganda is a deadly weapon, just like any other.

The New York Times, the premier propaganda organ of U.S. elites, happily printed on Victory Day an op-ed trashing Russia (and by default, the Soviet Union) and denigrating its triumph in the Great Patriotic War. The article, by some Russian émigré named Mikhail Shishkin, who writes sappy romance novels from his new home in Switzerland, tried to explain how Russia/USSR actually lost the Great Patriotic War because they defeated one totalitarian system, only to have their own supposedly totalitarian system survive and thrive in the aftermath. The author, a CIA tool no doubt, even sunk so low as to use his own father, a veteran of the war, as the sad protagonist of his tale of defeat. He libeled his father by depicting him as a sobbing drunkard and a dupe for a “regime” that had somehow “exploited” his patriotism and enslaved him.

The real dupe or witting imperialist asset, Agent Shishkin (Code Name: CUNT), used various rhetorical techniques including alliteration, amplification, hyperbole, metaphor and anaphora along with a basic propaganda device known as projection or “flipping the script.” Words like dictator/dictatorship, regime, gulag, sovereign, vassal, slave/slavery/enslaved, monster and evil are used throughout (but not Kremlin, surprisingly!). I could go on, but frankly I’m too upset. I’ll just conclude with a few gem phrases from this disgusting bit of black propaganda with some of my brief comments (the italicized emphases within the quotes are mine):

  • “When I grew up, I realized that in 1944 and 1945, my father was sinking ships that were evacuating German civilians and troops from Riga, in Latvia, and Tallinn, in Estonia. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people met their deaths in the waters of the Baltic – for which my father received his medals.”
  • “The baseness of Russia’s rulers lies in the way they have always taken advantage of this remarkable human emotion: the love of homeland and the willingness to sacrifice everything for it.” [Sound familiar, anyone? – PC]
  • “The chief Russian question is: If the fatherland is a monster, should it be loved or hated?”
  • “And the final rout of Nazi Germany was a victory for the Germans themselves, who demonstrated how a nation can rise up and live like human beings without the delirium of war in their heads.” [What the fuck?!! – PC]
  • “The patriotic hysteria on the television is the regime’s miracle weapon. Thanks to the ‘zombie box,’ the population now has a make-believe idea of the world: The West wants to destroy us, so we are compelled, like our fathers and grandfathers, to wage holy war against fascism and we must be prepared to sacrifice everything for victory.” [Holy war reference another attempt to conflate Russia with Islamic State? – PC]
  • “In the 16th year of his rule, President Vladimir V. Putin has achieved everything a dictator could strive for. His people love him; his enemies fear him. He has created a regime that rests not on the shaky paragraphs of a constitution but on the unshakeable laws of the vassal’s personal loyalty to his sovereign, from the bottom to the top of the pyramid of power.”
  • “It is impossible to breathe in a country where the air is permeated with hatred. Much hatred has always been followed in history by much blood.”
  • “Once again, the dictatorship is calling on its subjects to defend the homeland, mercilessly exploiting the propaganda of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Russia’s rulers have stolen my people’s oil, stolen their elections, stolen their country. And stolen their victory. Father, we lost the war.” [What can one say about such a finish — un-fucking-believable! – PC]
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2 Responses to NYT Propaganda Claims “Russians Lost the War”!

  1. beetleypete says:

    Complete rubbish from an emigre living a cosy life in Switzerland.
    But that’s probably just a ‘cover’ anyway. Sensible people know what’s really going on here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Prole Center says:

    Good point about the cover. It’s impossible to completely cut through all the lies and half-truths.

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