Know Your Enemy: Internationalism and Global Conspiracies for World Domination

This is the last posting I will do of an excerpt from Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” the fascist bible. You have to know your enemy in order to defeat him. These ideas are still very much alive today, but in many cases have just been repackaged a bit. As you read these passages from “Mein Kampf” see if any of this starts to sound familiar. When you hear people like Alex Jones and others talk about “globalists” and a New World Order or Illuminati conspiracy to take over the world, you will know where these ideas come from and that, like Hitler before them, these fascists use populist language to try to disguise the most reactionary worldview.

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle. – Sun Tzu

Let’s heed the wisdom of Sun Tzu and know our enemies as well as ourselves. – PC

“Germany must not win the War. At that moment when victory seemed ready to alight
on the German standards, a conspiracy was arranged for the purpose of striking at the
heart of the German spring offensive with one blow from the rear and thus making
victory impossible. A general strike in the munition factories was organized.

“If this conspiracy could achieve its purpose the German front would have collapsed and
the wishes of the VORWÄRTS (the organ of the Social-Democratic Party) that this time
victory should not take the side of the German banners, would have been fulfilled. For
want of munitions the front would be broken through within a few weeks, the offensive
would be effectively stopped and the Entente saved. Then International Finance would
assume control over Germany and the internal objective of the Marxist national betrayal
would be achieved. That objective was the destruction of the national economic system
and the establishment of international capitalistic domination in its stead. And this goal
has really been reached, thanks to the stupid credulity of the one side and the
unspeakable treachery of the other.” (pp. 167 -168)

“The function of the so-called liberal Press was to dig the grave for the German people
and REICH. No mention need be made of the lying Marxist Press. To them the
spreading of falsehood is as much a vital necessity as the mouse is to a cat. Their sole
task is to break the national backbone of the people, thus preparing the nation to
become the slaves of international finance and its masters, the Jews.” (p. 204)

“Once it was possible to occupy the attention of the public for several years with the
struggle between federalism and unification, wearing out their energies in this mutual
friction while the Jew trafficked in the freedom of the nation and sold our country to the
masters of international high finance. So in our day he has succeeded again, this time by
raising ructions between the two German religious denominations while the
foundations on which both rest are being eaten away and destroyed through the poison
injected by the international and cosmopolitan Jew.” (p. 457)

“According to the National Socialist concept, it is not the task of the trades union to band
together certain men within the national community and thus gradually transform
these men into a class, so as to use them in a conflict against other groups similarly
organized within the national community. We certainly cannot assign this task to the
trades union as such. This was the task assigned to it the moment it became a fighting
weapon in the hands of the Marxists. The trades union is not naturally an instrument of
class warfare; but the Marxists transformed it into an instrument for use in their own
class struggle. They created the economic weapon which the international Jew uses for
the purpose of destroying the economic foundations of free and independent national
States, for ruining their national industry and trade and thereby enslaving free nations
to serve Jewish world-finance, which transcends all State boundaries.” (p. 487)

“From the political point of view it is not in the interests of Great Britain that Germany
should be ruined even still more, but such a proceeding would be very much in the
interests of the international money-markets manipulated by the Jew. The cleavage
between the official, or rather traditional, British statesmanship and the controlling
influence of the Jew on the money-markets is nowhere so clearly manifested as in the
various attitudes taken towards problems of British foreign policy. Contrary to the
interests and welfare of the British State, Jewish finance demands not only the absolute
economic destruction of Germany but its complete political enslavement. The
internationalization of our German economic system, that is to say, the transference of
our productive forces to the control of Jewish international finance, can be completely
carried out only in a State that has been politically Bolshevized. But the Marxist fighting
forces, commanded by international and Jewish stock-exchange capital, cannot finally
smash the national resistance in Germany without friendly help from outside. For this
purpose French armies would first have to invade and overcome the territory of the
German REICH until a state of international chaos would set in, and then the country
would have to succumb to Bolshevik storm troops in the service of Jewish international finance.” (pp. 505 – 506)

Source: Mein Kampf (Murphy translation);

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