An Overheard Conversation Between American, Russian and Ukrainian Businessmen

It has been noted many times that there is a very large degree of class consciousness and class solidarity among the international bourgeoisie. Washington (or New York City, if you like) is the hub and capital of the cross-border bourgeois nation. The U.S. is where the bourgeoisie of other countries come running and crying when the proletariat and/or petty bourgeois nationalists begin to take control of the economic system and the political reigns of power.

When they are not directly competing with each other, the bourgeoisie can display a great deal of solidarity and commiseration; and they will even frankly confide in each other. What they will tell their class comrades they would never willingly reveal to their class enemies, the proletariat.

I was recently made privy to a conversation among several illustrious card-carrying bourgeois businessmen from the U.S., Russia and the Ukraine. The American, after listening to his Slavic counterparts express their intense loathing for President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, inquired why they hated him so much. “What, specifically, has he done that you don’t like?” he wanted to know. “How has he injured you?”

The American businessman, despite his class status and his American citizenship, is actually a decent sort of a guy. He at least seemed none too eager to believe all the terrible things he was told by the mainstream media about Putin and about Russia.

The Russian businessmen, along with their Ukrainian friend, did not hesitate in their answer. At this point, some naive souls might imagine that the reason for their distaste was that Putin was not very nice to gay people. Or, that he was cracking down on the political opposition; or perhaps he was infringing on the Russian people’s inherent civil and human rights. If you guessed that any of these were the reason for these oligarchs’ hatred of Putin then you are dead wrong. The answer that was readily given was thus:

“That motherfucker won’t let us take our money out of Russia!!”

Apparently, President Putin and his government had figured out a way to stop capital flight out of Russia. However, presumably, he would allow these gentlemen to invest their money in Russia; but this particular act of curtailing capital flight, (a common, and one of the first to be used, methods of economic sabotage) and this alone, was enough to earn Putin the eternal enmity of these Russian oligarchs – for they were verified by a trusted source to be, if not billionaires, then at least multi-multi-millionaires.

So, there you have it. Despite all the bullshit propaganda, what it comes down to is this: President Vladimir Putin, though not the Soviet-style communist some of us would like him to be, is however a populist nationalist and anti-imperialist. He is looking after the interests of average, every-day Russian citizens (in other words, the Russian proletariat). Unlike a socialist, he also protects the interests of the Russian petty bourgeoisie and even those perhaps one or two oligarchs who “play by the rules” and support the Russian state. For this, President Putin is demonized in the Western media and his country is under assault by various covert and not so covert means in order to effect regime change – to overthrow him and replace him with a more pliant and servile vassal of the U.S. Empire.

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