Love, Marriage and Imperialism

by Andre Vltchek

After photographing the new, enormous and undoubtedly sinister building of the US embassy in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, I was driven by a local left-wing politician towards the mountains. We a…

Source: Love, Marriage and Imperialism

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2 Responses to Love, Marriage and Imperialism

  1. beetleypete says:

    Andre is not a fan of the idea of marriage then? I see where he’s coming from, but as I am in my third marriage, I cannot say too much. I don’t think I ever sought to control or possess anyone, but then again, I may have been controlled and possessed instead.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Corinne Roussel says:

    The author should be happy. In the West, marriage is being dissolved under endless layers of egotism, short-lived affairs, chronic immaturity and porn addictions, all pushed by the atheistic, capitalistic PTB. There are even Websites that cater for adulterers (with big, shiny advertising posters in the capital undergrounds), and the youth are duly warned against long-term commitments – what with the control another human being can exert on you and the unacceptable curbing of your liberty. Condoms are nearly free and colored in all sorts of appealing colors, with diverse flavors to suit all tastes, so you can hook up with as many people as you want while keeping safe. In fact, “safe” is the master word: Safe from illnesses and mainly from that most horrid chain, love. As a result of all that happiness and liberty, Western people are killing themselves (suicides on the rise, but never mind, euthanasia will make that painless), or getting hooked on drugs by the scores (heroin epidemic under way in the USA), or depressed (but there are pretty shiny medicines to help you with that, all sold for a hefty price by big pharma), or alcoholic (20% knocked off on today’s beer sales, don’t dither), or obese (but nobody sees you when you watch free porn, so who’s to worry?). In conclusion, thinking marriage is religious is a big mistake. Simply put, it is just human and healthy. That’s why the wise Soviet Union kept it.


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