Once Again, Hitler was NOT a Socialist

Hitler giving a speech. The banner reads: “Marxism must die.”

This horrible myth that Hitler and the Nazis were socialists and fundamentally the same as Marxists persists to this day. The CIA, especially, was instrumental in peddling the fable that Hitler and Stalin represented variants of a similar “totalitarian” or “collectivist” philosophy. To counter this awful propaganda the information in the following links might help those who are not too far gone:

Hitler wasn’t a socialist. Stop saying he was

Alex Jones, Conspiracism and the Need for a Vanguard

The Myth of Hitler’s Gun Ban

Know Your Enemy: Hitler’s First Encounter with Trade Unions and Socialism

Know Your Enemy: Hitler Declares Marxism a Jewish Doctrine

Know Your Enemy: Internationalism and Global Conspiracies for World Domination

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1 Response to Once Again, Hitler was NOT a Socialist

  1. beetleypete says:

    To compare Hitler’s policies to Socialism is just downright laughable.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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