Propaganda Terms: The Soviet Union Did Not “Collapse”


Due to faulty engineering or neglect, the structural supports of this bridge gave way, and it collapsed.

The type of language we use is very important. People think in language and words can have literal and specific meanings and they can also have nuanced meanings that can affect peoples’ thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and emotions.

I would like to suggest that all comrades carefully consider how they speak about the former Soviet Union and how it came to an end. Rather than collapsing, the Soviet Union was defeated* after enduring many decades of sabotage, economic sanctions, propaganda assaults, diplomatic pressure, two full-scale military invasions and the constant threat of nuclear annihilation. If it could be said that the USSR did in fact, collapse, it sure had a lot of help.

*Perhaps this term, or something similar, should be used instead.

The following links might shed some more light:

Socialism Betrayed

Gorbachev Might as Well Have Been Working for the CIA

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One Response to Propaganda Terms: The Soviet Union Did Not “Collapse”

  1. beetleypete says:

    Both interesting links that I have read before. Recommended for any new readers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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