Like ‘The Americans’ Spy Series? Watch These Real-Life US Spies Get Nabbed in Moscow

The Americans Poster

The popular TV show, “The Americans,” chronicles the adventures of ruthless KGB spies operating in Washington, DC at the dawn of the Reagan era of the early 80’s. In the show, now entering its fourth season in March, Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) Jennings are true professionals. The well-trained KGB officers employ expert martial arts skills, lock-picking, surveillance and disguise in carrying out their duties for the motherland.

As a prime example of US propaganda and projection, we see that in reality it is the CIA that is carrying out elaborate spy operations in Russia. Fast forward to the present day, change the location to the streets of Moscow and replace KGB with the CIA and you have a true spy story happening right now!

CIA shenanigans over the years have been well documented. The latest exhibit comes courtesy of the FSB, Russia’s intelligence service. Just like the television show, but with less proficiency, CIA officers skulk around wearing disguises and hiding in the back seat of cars attempting to shake off any surveillance. “The Americans” has a basis in reality, but don’t look to Russian spies posing as Americans, but rather genuine American citizens in drag, and sporting other silly costume disguises, struggling in vain to undermine the Russian government.

For a more detailed analysis of “The Americans” as propaganda see:

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1 Response to Like ‘The Americans’ Spy Series? Watch These Real-Life US Spies Get Nabbed in Moscow

  1. beetleypete says:

    Life imitating art? Or the other way around? They are all ‘at it’, for sure.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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