Putin Foolishly Slanders Communism and the Soviet Past

Meeting of the Russian Popular Front’s (ONF) interregional forum.

Putin has crossed the line. In a recent speech he managed to offend and alienate millions of Russians in a growing Communist Party movement, not to mention socialists all over the world as well as China, a vital ally!

I respected Putin for standing up to the US Empire, but I might have to turn my back on him now. He is too nationalistic and religious and he is an anti-communist; he is also distorting Soviet history. I had been holding out some hope for him, but now he’s gone too far.

At least there’s still China.

To see for yourself what Putin had to say, go to the following link. Do a page search for “Lenin” and that will take you to the relevant section: http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/51206

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4 Responses to Putin Foolishly Slanders Communism and the Soviet Past

  1. beetleypete says:

    He was never the first choice for many of us, but given the world situation, he remains the best we have got, in the position he occupies. I understand your change of heart though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Prole Center says:

    Of course, I still defend Russia’s right to resist US imperialism.

  3. Oddly though, he lent favor to Stalin’s alternate thinking: that the USSR as a single territorially contiguous national entity would prevent attempts by its enemies at its fragmentation into seperate, weakened states. Stalin was right as became obvious.

  4. Prole Center says:

    I didn’t quite understand where he was going with his Stalin comments. It could have been a bad translation.

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