People of the DPRK (North Korea)


Some photographs, taken by me and Aina Skoland (who was in our group). As you can see, people like to dress well and go about their daily lives as one might expect.

2015 June 118 (566x640)2015 June 074 (640x437)2015 June 089 (466x640)2015 June 062 (512x640)2015 June 053 (440x378)2015 June 057 (427x640)2015 June 251 (361x640)2015 June 065 (429x640)2015 June 066 (461x640)2015 June 067 (427x640)2015 June 068 (640x373)2015 June 070 (640x415)2015 June 072 (427x640)2015 June 078 (460x640)2015 June 080 (450x640)2015 June 088 (481x640)2015 June 099 (640x423)2015 June 100 (640x305)2015 June 101 (426x640)2015 June 133 (288x200)2015 June 134 (426x640)2015 June 138 (478x640)2015 June 168 (426x640)2015 June 139 (640x410)2015 June 145 (640x427)2015 June 148 (453x640)2015 June 150 (426x640)2015 June 045 (640x447)2015 June 047 (640x549)2015 June 048 (640x436)2015 June 056 (640x540)2015 June 097 (436x640)2015 June 162 (640x412)2015 June 123 (640x474)2015 June 196 (640x481)2015 June 210 (463x640)2015 June 222 (640x480)2015 June 081 (640x487)

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  1. beetleypete says:

    Saw this on SM, and commented there.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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