A Vote for Bernie or Trump IS a Vote for the Establishment

Don't Vote!

When reading much of the analysis surrounding both the Trump and Bernie campaigns there seems to be a widespread assumption that somehow the U.S. ruling class is in crisis and losing control of the electoral process. This is a fantasy! If only it were so. There is a very high burden of proof demanded of those who would make this ludicrous claim.

It is important to understand that both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are clearly members of the establishment. A vote for either of them is a vote for the establishment. Bernie has been in Congress since 1991 – for the past 25 years. Trump is a billionaire, which makes him, by definition, a bona fide member of the ruling class. His antics are nothing short of bad acting; he even has a page on IMDb. Donald Trump has had cameo roles in several movies and TV shows. He has numerous production credits to his name, not to mention his well-known reality show; now he is putting on an even grander show for the American people.

It is my contention that Bernie and Trump are both agents of the establishment deliberately put out in order to provide what the late, great George Carlin referred to as the illusion of choice. They are there to do a job; each has his own role to play. Bernie is there to round up the progressives who have strayed away and bring them back into the Democratic Party fold. Trump is there to do the same for the right-wing camp in order to woo the Libertarians and populist right back into the arms of the Republican Party.

In U.S. Presidential elections there have always been machinations and manipulations going on behind the scenes. According to the first exposé of the nefarious doings of the CIA, The Invisible Government, published in 1964, we learn:

“When the public positions of candidates for President are shaped (or reversed) by secret operations which the voters are not entitled to know about, something has happened to the American system, and something for ill. The Invisible Government [CIA] participated in the presidential campaign of 1960. It was unseen, but there. It provided a valuable lesson for future presidential campaigns [emphasis mine].” 1

Furthermore, all this talk of how Trump is splitting up the Republican Party is nonsense. The supposed shakeup in the Democratic Party is just as illusory. A recent MSN article reveals a poll taken of New York residents where 7 out of 10 voters said they would either definitely or probably vote for their party’s nominee no matter who it might be. The poll was conducted only in the state of New York, but I think I can safely speculate that this sentiment will hold true for the nation as a whole; although, time will tell. 2

To sum up the situation: The U.S. ruling class is indeed facing challenges and difficulties, but they are far from being “on the ropes.” With every challenge comes an opportunity and the elites are being proactive in rolling out their latest vaudeville act, the Bernie and Trump show. Please don’t fall for what should be a terribly obvious charade in the 2016 electoral extravaganza. Some of you still have a chance to not vote in the primaries. Everyone has the opportunity to do good by not voting in the general election in November.


  1. Wise, David and Ross, Thomas B. The Invisible Government. New York: Random House, 1964, pp. 346 – 7.
  2. MSN.com, “Trump, Clinton win big in NY, push closer to nomination



I forgot to mention in the conclusion to this piece that Hillary Clinton is set to win the 2016 presidential election; this has already been decided, but the show must go on. In order to build popular support for Hillary and provide a veneer of legitimacy to the whole charade, the ruling class power elite had to pit her up against such a ridiculous and repugnant character as that portrayed by “The Donald.”

On another note, has anyone noticed the increasing numbers of films, TV shows and infotainment documentaries showcasing women’s rights, more strong female leads and even plots and themes positing the desirability and inevitability of a woman U.S. president in the near future? The stage has been set.

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2 Responses to A Vote for Bernie or Trump IS a Vote for the Establishment

  1. beetleypete says:

    Do you ever have a candidate who is not a member of the establishment, I wonder?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Prole Center says:

    Never one who has any chance of getting more than 1% of the vote.

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