‘Brexit’: The recriminations continue


I don’t really like the term ‘Brexit.’ It is one of those snappy things, coined by the media, latched onto by so many. I prefer the fact. We voted to ‘Leave.’ It is not an exit, it is a final departure.

The ‘official’ part of the Remain campaign has been very quick to organise, in retaliation for their disappointment. Over 17,000,000 people voted to leave the EU. According to the critics on the other side, that makes us all xenophobes at best, Nazis at worst. The Far Right will sweep to power in the UK, followed by a Fascist revival in major European countries, according to many commentators. War with Russia, or somewhere else, (anywhere will do) seems to be the obvious outcome, and must happen sometime soon.
They say.

Many want another referendum, calling the vote ‘too equal’ to be considered binding. Mass protests have been held in London against…

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One Response to ‘Brexit’: The recriminations continue

  1. beetleypete says:

    Thanks for the re-blog, PC. Much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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