The Labour Party: Still missing the point


The battle for the Labour leadership drags on. The attacks on Corbyn continue, and his opponent tries hard to erase his past as a pharmaceutical lobbyist, and to establish some Socialist credentials. For his part, Corbyn does his best to rebut the allegations of anti-Semitism, and takes part in debates with the person who once happily worked with him, instead of against him. Expensive lawyers have been engaged to overturn the voting regulations for new members, successfully excluding more than 100,000 potential Corbyn voters.

The Conservatives must be enjoying watching this collapse unfold before their eyes. They just carry on doing what they like, as the only viable opposition disintegrates in front of the public gaze, and the glare of the media spotlight. Accusations are flying thick and fast. Some Labour members of parliament are accusing the Corbyn camp of seeking to undermine the very foundations of the party, by…

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3 Responses to The Labour Party: Still missing the point

  1. beetleypete says:

    Thanks, PC. Much appreciated.
    Regards, Pete.

  2. Tyler Healey says:

    Sorry this is off-topic, but are you a fan of Trotsky?

  3. Prole Center says:

    No, sir. I’m not a fan of Trotsky.

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