The Politics of Fear

Intelligence agencies, in many cases, are directly responsible for planting propaganda in news and entertainment media to promote fear as well as to indoctrinate the masses.

T.J. Petrowski

The same message is clear everywhere you look: be afraid, be very, very afraid. Whether it is about terrorism, jobs, or who to vote for, fear is a powerful weapon, economically and politically, in the hands of the ruling class. Fear is divisive, it is incapacitating, and ultimately immobilizes the working class and everyone struggling for social change.

The power of fear is that it shuts down. It shuts down debate, it shuts down dialogue, it shuts down meaningful action. Whether or not the fear is rational is largely irrelevant. Many people fear many things with very little, if any, rational explanation for the fear. According to a public survey, Iran was ranked as the biggest threat to world peace in the U.S. and Canada. Why? Iran hasn’t attacked another country since 1798. On the flip side, Iran has been attacked on many occasions by the U.S.-NATO alliance. The U.S…

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2 Responses to The Politics of Fear

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  2. beetleypete says:

    The UK has been controlled by the politics of fear since Walsingham set up the secret service during the reign of Elizabeth the First. First the Spanish, then the French,. Later the Germans, Jewish Anarchists, and then the Russians. Always have someone to point the finger at. It’s a necessary standby to keep the people under control.
    Regards, Pete.

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