‘Trump won’t be permitted to win’ – Assange interview with John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)

I’ve been saying this for a long time. Hillary has been appointed to the post of president; the election is just theater, a psyop on the American people and the world (anyone naive enough to believe it’s real). Another point I feel I need to make regards the Saudi connection. Right-wingers, who loathe to imagine that evil power brokers can wear a white face, will interpret this as Saudi Arabia somehow pulling America’s strings, just as the far-right consistently (against all evidence) fervently believe that Israel controls America. Saudi Arabia, Israel and many other countries are vassals of the U.S. Empire and they dance to the tune that America plays. Saudi Arabia pays tribute with its petrodollars which are deposited on Wall Street. The truth is, when it comes to ISIS, that it is the U.S. who is ultimately behind its creation and nurturance. Saudi Arabia provides a degree of separation that aids in American plausible deniability. – PC

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2 Responses to ‘Trump won’t be permitted to win’ – Assange interview with John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)

  1. beetleypete says:

    Even here in the UK, it is thought to be unlikely that Trump was ever going to win. They uses phrases like ‘It will be close’, or ‘too close to call’, but every commentator and pundit firmly asserts that Clinton is very much a foregone conclusion. I am more worried about her than Trump, to be honest. I still have bad memories of Margaret Thatcher!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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